Challenges Indian webmasters face while using US hosts

  • Hi Everyone,

    As you very well know, we're a web hosting provider. Being from abroad, what are some challenges, some pro's and cons of using hosting services outside the country? What have some of your experiences been?

  • India, with it's new found internet reach in rural areas, is getting a lot of start ups. Look at what GoDaddy is doing, offering ultra cheap hosting which is suitable for start ups, students etc , and giving ads on TV. TV ads are really helping that. Plus, 24x7 toll free phone line support.

  • I am thinking to start a pay as you go service for VPS servers and leased space for webhosting(DC will be in US), idk what it required to get working DC in India i can setup a server rack in cheap but the problem is static IP and good internet connectivity mostly plans who offers more then 100mbps speed are too costly and limited plus there is additional charge for static IP in India(it ain't low i guess).

  • The static IP price you quoted are belong to the ISP even if you open a DC all abuse reports including system reports will be go through the ISP as per my knowledge one static IP can't fit in a DC we will need more then 250 IPs to start a DC, and for bandwidth no one can sure about this thing as per the recent CDN provider reports bandwidth usage always changes within the session. So lets say if we are going to start a DC we might require about 150TB of bandwidth if we about 150 customers(1TB per user), its still low.