Angular News

  • Angular 4.2 is now out. now offers support to Angular 4.2


    Angular version 4.2 has been released. This is a minor release following our announced adoption of Semantic Versioning, meaning that it contains no breaking changes and that it is a drop-in replacement for 4.x.x.

    What's new?

    For the complete list of features and bugfixes please see the changelog.

    • Angular Forms now includes validators for min and max attributes
    • You can now bootstrap a component directly by passing an element reference to the bootstrap method of an ApplicationRef
    • Improved i18n tooling including MissingTranslationStrategy and location notes in xliff2 files
    • We've begun laying the foundation for testing AOT components, which will become possible in a future release
    • New compiler flag alwaysCompileGeneratedCode is available opt-in, and will be turned on by default in the future

    v 4.2 of Angular is rich in animation aspect as well

    • Configure options and set input variables within animations
    • Define reusable animations using animation()
    • Query for inner elements within animations using query()
    • Stagger multiple elements within an animation using stagger()
    • Enable queried elements to trigger their own animations
    • Orchestrate a full-blown animation when routes change
    • Programmatically build/control an animation using AnimationBuilder